Work-cation: Practical Way to Exploit Beautiful Bali

Work-cation: Practical Way to Exploit Beautiful Bali

There are about a million reasons, and a million blog posts for that matter, for travel to Bali. It’s because it’s so diverse, there is something there for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a low-key fabulous get-away or a fun blend of beach partying and shopping. Bali is your place.

I spend a week there for work in April which didn’t leave me much time to explore its exotic delights, still I made splendid use of the weekends to savor as much of the island’s enchanting coastline as possible.


Your choice of where to set camp on the island is obviously determined by your agenda, so prior research is important, although you can easily drive from the north to the south of the island if you have more than a few days to spare.

To sum it all up; decadent beaches, to-die-for sunsets, enigmatic culture, sumptuous food, incredibly friendly people, and it’s good value.


We stayed in Nusa-Dua for the week.  A quaint secluded enclave lined with a huge array of beach front hotels. It is surrounded by lush green trees making for a very serene atmosphere, a huge contrast to the hustle and bustle of Kuta. It is where you go when you want to lose yourself to a secluded vacation. It’s busy but not overpopulated.  It’s calm for the most part with the exception of an occasional beach party in one of the hotels. Although everything pretty much shuts down by midnight. The beaches are not as scenic, but they are good for swimming and make for nice chill spots for a lazy lay on the beach. If you are there for shopping, Bali Collection offers great deals.



Inaya Putri Hotel, Nusa Dua

Half day tour of Uluwatu:

Our search for a picturesque beach in Uluwatu landed us at Padang Padang beach. It’s a popular surf spot owing to its hardcore waves. Access is through a steep staircase down a cliff. In addition to being very crowded, it’s also home to very territorial monkeys one of which stole our chips and taunted us by eating the whole pack right infront of us.



Padang Padang beach, Uluwatu

As a self-declared prolific sunset-chaser, Pura Luhur or Uluwatu temple did not disappoint. The breathtaking sunset will leave you wide-eyed and exhilarated. While you are not allowed to enter this Hindu temple, it still makes for a worthwhile hike and did I mention the view?

IMG-20180504-WA0000 (002)

Another plus to visiting the temple is the tantalizing traditional Kecak dancing held at 6 p.m. daily that is synonymous with the richness of Balinese culture. Plan to get there early as it gets very packed.

Day trip to Ubud:

Ubud is at the top of the list of the most recommended, read instagrammable, places to see in Bali. Which explains why traffic can be insane on this road often travelled. Ubud is characterized by tropical green lushes. I discovered my fear of heights on this trip in my first and possible last attempt at swinging over rice paddies, it was more adrenalin than my faint heart could take. A Luwak (poop) coffee plantation tour is a good way to calm your nerves afterwards. A huge array of spice tea is also on offer on the tour.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Beautiful Batuan temple is worth a visit, although it’s crowded with tourists, it’s authentic architecture is reminiscent of Bali’s historical and rich Hindu tradition. Like most temples, you will be obliged to wear a Balinese sarong in show of respect. If you are into local artefacts and paintings, Batuan area has a vibrant local artisanal scene.


2018-05-12 10.40.43 2.jpg

Batuan Temple

We made a brief stop at the Tegenungan waterfall. But didn’t venture out to the Fall itself but chose to have a drink in one of the kiosks with a view of the Fall. It had rained the previous day so the water was murky and not as enticing.

Tegenungan waterfall Ubud

The eat, pray, love effect is very much ubiquitous in Ubud, pristine landscapes, plenty of yoga retreats, and the most delicious organic food. I recommend Kayun restaurant in Ubud which was an organic heaven on earth.

A trip to Bali is not complete without a spa-fix. Indulge in its world-famous massages, which could last up to 3 hours. For an authentic Bali spa experience, choose the Balinese Boreh or the Body Lulur, both of which consists of a heavenly scrub made from an assortment of herbs and culminates in a soak in a flower-petals-filled bath.

Our trip was organized by Goadventurebali


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