Amazing Attractions in Pokhara – If You Are Not a Hiker

Paragliding over Phewa Lake

Pokhara is Nepal’s second-largest city, located some 240km from KathmanduIf you are wondering what Pokhara is famous for, it is home to some of the most coveted trekking spots in the world, it is professional climbers’ mecca. If you have ever harboured ambitions of trekking to the sky, Pokhara is probably one of the few places where you can come close to achieving this goal.

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It is easy to comprehend why Tajikistan is often referred to as the roof of the earth. Unbelievably,  ninety per cent of the country consists of jaw-dropping rugged mountains.  The Pamir mountain ranges are the third highest in the world, earning the country bragging rights for the highest peaks in Central Asia. It is no […]

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Hunza Valley: Pakistan’ s Ultimate Weekend Getaway

Hussaini bridge one of the world's famous dangerous bridges

My move to Pakistan three years ago was a mix of anxiety and excitement. Mostly framed by perceptions from news coverage, that was often biased and one-sided. Pakistan is often portrayed as a danger zone rife with militias running amok. While in reality, most parts of the country are relatively safe and make for an epic […]

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