About me

Hi, my name is Gloria Lihemo, Kenya-born with a flair for travel as much as writing.  Having spent the last 10-odd years hopping between countries mostly for bleisure ( mixing business with leisure), I am currently loosely based in the Himalayas and consider home to be where my shoes are.

Mid Life Safaris, an ode to my slowly silvering hair, is dedicated to sharing rumblings and musings from my travel experiences and insights. I tend to opt for off-the-beaten-path destinations and hidden gems, and consider myself to be a history and culture inclined traveller. I thrive on wanting to have an awareness of the world around me so I am thrilled to be part of the travel blogging movement. When I am not promoting sustainable travel, I am  probably at a yoga studio or lost in a good book in the shade on a sun lounger.

If any of these resonates feel free to send smoke signals, message, like, or comment or any of my social feeds.

Lahore_ Badshahi_Mosque